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In today's economy, it is not enough to be qualified. There are too many candidates, too many resumes, and no good way for employers to sift through the noise.


The only way to rise above the din is to take a structured approach to your job search and be prepared with professionally crafted documents that speak to both employers and recruiting software engines. BML Content offers you this.

Online job searches waste time. Most end in frustration and defeat. Our method is straightforward. It is powerful. And it works. Your job search is important. Hire professionals and don't waste time.

Resume and Cover Letter Rewrite

Price of $79 Includes:


Cover Letter

  • Turn your current resume and cover letter into powerful, professional documents that turn employers’ heads and get you an interview


Complete Career Package

Price of $149 Includes:


Cover Letter

Career Strategy


  • Discover what matters to you.
  • Learn what employers actually value
  • Find the perfect job armed with professionally crafted documents and a solid career strategy



The three step method

Know yourself We use a proprietary method, based on the design thinking approach from Stanford's d.school. The process helps you to understand your skills and your passions quickly and set your career trajectory in the right direction.
Learn the market We help you learn what employers are looking for by drilling down into your target industry, geography, or employer.
Let us put it all together We offer professional resume and cover letter writing, giving you powerful, pointed, documents, that will turn employers' heads. Now you are unstoppable.

The end result

Our process helps you land an interview. And armed with a better awareness and a clear path, you will nail that interview and get a job offer.

BML content is located in beautiful Denver, Colorado. Our services are nationwide.

Please contact us and let us help you land your dream job.

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